Must Have Tools for Traffic Exchanges

While dealing with traffic exchanges you will face three main problems:

  1. Which traffic exchange to select?
  2. How to keep your ads alive in traffic exchanges?
  3. How to track your used and unused credits in each traffic exchange?

For each of these issues there are tools which helps you.

Issue 1: Which traffic exchange?

There are so many traffic exchanges out there that you will never ever manage to keep your ads alive in each one. Plus you don’t know which traffic exchange gives you the results you want and need. That is the point where I use Traffic Coops. Within a traffic coop you promote only one link which generates you points. These points can be used for your own campaigns. As an example, if you let’s say have 100 views availiable in your coop, you assign these 100 views to your campaign which is the site you want to promote. You then get 100 views in the exchanges listed in the traffic coop even if you are not a member there or even if you don’t know the exchange. The Coops track the links and only show your campaigns to exchanges which are converting.

By far the best Traffic Coop I know is TheDownliner.

Issue 2: Keeping Ads Alive

Of course you can surf all day long to generate all the credits in the traffic exchanges you use, but this is not my idea of earning passiv income. The best way to get the credits is having enough referrals to surf for you.

Have a look at my referral list from one of my favorite traffic exchanges:

I highlighted the column “Credits earned for you”. And I only have 16 refs there, which is not at all much. But you see the potential of having a huge downline.

But how to get all these referrals? Ok you can promote each traffic exchange, which works, but is painfull. Or you can use a coop to promote all the traffic exchanges affilates for you while you only need to promote one link to generate the points. That is where I use TEPayDay.

At the moment you can build your downline in 137 traffic exchanges with one coop link. And believe me, it works. I got 10 of the above referrals through TEPayDay.

Issue 3: Keep track of your credits

After you joined more and more traffic exchanges and gained more and more referrals it can be tough to control your credits. Which site do you need to surf, where do you need to assign all your credits?

That is where I use TECommandPost.

In the example I marked the unassigned and assigned credits and the details for one traffic exchange. You see which sites are added and how many credits are left. This way it is easy to see that I need to assign credits to my campaigns in Traffic Exchange Results.


Add your TEPayDay and TDL Coop links in a couple of traffic exchanges, surf them in order to generate the points, check the credits and assign them if necessary.

As always, please leave a comment below.

To your success

Bettina von Mutius

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