How to use a Traffic Exchange

In online marketing pretty everything depends on the number of clicks you get to your site. It does not matter what you promote, if you don’t get the clicks it is just useless.

Traffic Exchanges is a great and cheap place to start. But there are thousands of exchanges out there and nobody has the time and/or the money to get enough credits in each and every site.

There are a couple things to consider.

Which traffic exchange should I use?

First you need to know which traffic exchange is worth surfing. I have a couple exchanges, where my credits seems to not move at all. So why should I surf them if I already have thousands of credits assigned. For sure other users have the same experience and therefor do not surf also, making the site even slower.

Which traffic exchanges convert?

Second if you see that your credits are moving you need to know if they convert. Remember the this formula:

Traffic + Conversion = CASH

That is the part where a tracker comes in handy. Track every link you place somewhere. Then you will know the click and the conversion rate of each traffic exchange.

Which site should I promote in a traffic exchange?

The third main point is about the sites you add to the exchange. The usual surfer spends 4 – 10 sec on your site. You need to grab his attention within this time frame. Therefore use highly attracting splash or squeeze page. For instance think about yourself : Which site grabbed your attention and why? Then you get a pretty good idea how you page should look like.

Now the number game will start: It is known that your prospect need to see a page 7 time to get the attention. Plus your ads should be running 24/7, Consequently they should never run out of credits. In the beginning I recommend to put only one page in a traffic exchange and this one page in each and every exchange.

To gain credits there are 3 different ways

  1. Surfing for credits
  2. Buying credits
  3. Let your referrals surf for you

The third way should be your goal. Then you only need to assign the credits to your sites and they run nearly on autopilot.

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To your success

Bettina von Mutius

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  1. Viraladmin

    Very nice article for new users and very nice blog. I hope in a future article you focus more on step 3 and what “let your referrals surf for you” means, what exchanges support this feature and how it works exactly.

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