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For years I am a member at LeadsLeap but I should have had a closer look to the site. They offer a variety of usefull tools for online marketing and most of them are free to use.

Generating Traffic with LeadsLeap

The main purpose of LeadsLeap is to generate traffic. You can create ads and these ads are shown to other members. By viewing ads you earn credits. Nothing new, right? But LeadsLeap does give you the credits based on the surfing duration, which means, that the user does not earn credits as soon as he leaves the page. They must look at the ads. Plus if they stay longer on the site they earn more credits. They will earn credits every 5 seconds for up to 3 minutes per ad. The first 5 seconds will earn them 0.2 credit. Thereafter they will earn 0.1 credit every 5 seconds for up to 3 minutes.

You are not impressed? I got you. To make it better the ads are also shown outside of LeadsLeap. Everybody who has a website can install a little script. This will show the ads on the persons site. That is why it is absolutely fine to promote LeadsLeaps within LeadsLeaps since they also get a lot of visitors from outside the member area.

And to make it nearly perfect, as an upgrade member you can set up 10 pro ads which does not cost you any credits. Set them up and they will run 24/7 in- and outside LeadsLeap.

Ohh and of course the tracker. When you want to track any link and you want this for sure, you can also show ads within the tracker.

Generating Leads with LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap offers a 10-level leads builder. You can reach out to 10-levels of leads in your network, through a unique non-obtrusive message system.

You will also participate on the credits each and everybody in your downline earns.

Generating Money with LeadsLeap

Daily active bonus

In order to participate in this you have to view at least 10 ads per day. LeadsLeap shares 5% of our average daily earning with all free members and 10% with all Pro Member. As a free member I got about 1 cent, as a pro I get 5 cents per day. Yes, that is not a lot, but it sums up. Just a little addon

Credit encashment

If you do not need you credits you can sell them back to LeadsLeap. You will get 7 to 8 cents per 50 credits. Yes, also not a lot, but it also sums up.

PPC Earnings

That is where it’s starts to get interesting. There are two options available. You can install the PPC widget on your site and you can monetize your tracker link. This way the ads from others users will be displayed on your site or on your tracker link. As soon as anybody clicks on these links you get ad credits and PPC income. This will be calculated on every Friday. This earning depends on how many traffic you drive to these ads.

Affiliate commission

The most money obviously comes from your upgraded affiliates and this income is passive.

As a free member you get 25% recurring commissions, as a pro you earn 50% recurring commissions.


Everybody should check it out and consider upgrading to get traffic and leads on autopilot.

LeadsLeap offers much more. But this post is already long.

Leave a comment below if you want me to cover a special aspect.

To your success

Bettina von Mutius

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