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What is TheDownliner (TDL)?

TheDownliner (TDL) is one of my favorite programs. I can surf “only” my favorite traffic exchanges, which are mainly the ones I am upgraded in, and get views to my ads from site where I don’t have much credits, where I am not a member or even the ones I don’t know about. This way your ads will be seen on the whole internet. OK, not the whole but at over 13000 sites. It is impossible to surf them all.

How to earn points in TDL?

Add you coop link to your preferred traffic exchanges and assign credits. Depending on your membership level at TheDownliner you will need 3 views in a traffic exchanges for one view at TDL as a free member, 2 views in a traffic exchange as a Go-Getter member or 1 view as a Serious Marketer. TDL monitors the views for uniqueness. Any hits from a site within a 5 minute timeframe count as one. This applies on earning and spending.

In you dashboard in TDL you see all your stats. ShopPoints (4) refers to the views you can spend on ads and Co-Op Views remaining (1) refers to the credits you have assigned to your sites:

Hover over the little question mark to get more information about each number.

How to spend the points in TDL?

At TDL you can set up campaigns, banner ads, text ad, social post and login ads all with the points you earned while surfing a couple of exchanges.


Campaigns are basically the websites you add. This can be any site even TDL affiliate link itself. Within campaigns you have 3 different options:

  • Add direct link: Add any site you want to promote like in traffic exchanges
  • Add custom page: Here you can build a splash page with a nice drag and drop sitebuilder. You also have the option to add any autoresponder code to your site
  • Add/Edit a Profil Rotator: Here you can add a short description of you plus up to 4 Banners.

Banners and Text Ads

Within TDL you setup banners and text ads for a certain time frame. For 24 hours you need 250 points, for 7 days 1200 points and for 30 days 2500 points. I always set them up for 30 days which is 720 hours. Below you see a screenshot of my textads. The numbers are really great

Social Posts

Additionally you can add social post, which are shown on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The pricing is the same as for banners or textads.

How to get the most out of TDL?

With TDL you have a complete marketing package in your hand. Besides all the above TDL also have a couple of partner programs. You find them on the settings page. In the members dropdown menu at the top right corner click on settings and fill in the information. When you refer someone to TDL you may also get a referral for this sites

Besides adding your coop link you should also actively promote TDL. Setup banners and text ads with your TDL reflink in each of your sites. If you are a members of TrafficAdBar: add your TDL reflink to TrafficAdBar and then use the TrafficAdBar link in your banners and text ads. This way you can also earn point for TrafficAdBar.

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Bettina von Mutius

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